Student and Alumni Spotlight

  • DuWayne Engram at NYS Assembly Internship
    DuWayne Engram
    The Social Work aspects that interest me most are community organizing, education and youth. Upon completion of my degree program I would like to obtain my LMSW license and operate on a macro level where I can advocate for resources for college students or advocate for resources for youth. I also want to continue working with college readiness and access programs in Utica, NY.

  • Photo of Sheena MacGregor-Pilz
    Sheena MacGregor-Pilz
    Sheena provides one-on-one counseling to individuals struggling to overcome the all-to-common addiction to opiates. The 200+ patients served at the clinic benefit from a combination of prescription medication, daily medical supervision, individual counseling and group therapy.

  • Gwen Rowland (R) and Brittni Switzer (L)
    Gwendolyn M. Rowland
    The School of Social Welfare provides me with amazing opportunities and experiences to advance my learning.  I hope to use my degree to continue to fight towards a cure for Alzheimer's Disease. Every patient, caregiver, and family I have worked with, leaves an imprint on my heart.  Without the SSW and the IAP program, I wouldn't have had this amazing opportunity to work to my full potential.