Frequently Asked Questions

How many continuing education (CE) hours are required?

36 hours of approved continuing education courses for each 3 year registration period. For more information on social work requirements: . For more information on licensed mental health counselor requirements

Can I do my CE hours online?

As per the NYSED website, “Self-study courses are acceptable. They are structured study, offered by a Department-approved provider that are based on audio, audio-visual, written, on-line and other media. Self-study courses do not include live instruction (transmitted in person or otherwise) during which the student may communicate and interact with the instructor and other students. Please note that there is a limitation of 12 continuing education hours in a 36-month registration period, or one-third of the hours for a registration period other than 36 months, for self-study courses as described above.” This applies to both social work and licensed mental health counselor hours. There is “no limit on the number of hours of acceptable continuing education you may take on-line through a Department-approved provider, when the course includes live interaction with the instructor and other students.”  If you have questions about if your online CE opportunity is considered as “live interaction with instructor and other students” please contact the provider.

I would like to teach a continuing education workshop. Can I do it at SSW?

Please contact Linda Mertz, Director of CEU Program, at We may be able to accommodate you, however, at this time we are accepting only speakers and workshops that fit in with themes approved by the School of Social Welfare and/or School of Education. 

My agency will pay for the training but they need to give you a check. I don’t see a way to do that.

Because of our record keeping, we need each registrant to complete the online registration process. See if the agency has a credit card that could be used for your registration. If you are not able to do this, contact Linda Mertz, Director of CEU Program, at