Spirit Street Teams

Members assist the Spirit Committee with promoting school pride, Spirit Friday’s, campus traditions, and participation in campus events.

There are 3 opportunities to get involved:

  • 1. Spirit Tabling
    • Spirit Tabling is really promoting school pride by engaging with UAlbany students. There will be a table set  up with our signature Where’s Your Purple?! banner and Spirit Wheel. It will be your task to facilitate contests with the spirit wheel, hand out spirit tattoos and other prizes, and promote Spirit Friday’s. We will provide you with all supplies and giveaways needed for Spirit Tabling. This will normally take place in the Lecture Center concourse, on the Podium by the small fountain, or in the dining halls and can occur on any day of the week, not only Spirit Friday’s. This is a great opportunity to be creative in showing your school pride! You will have the freedom to develop new contests with the spirit wheel and ways to promote UAlbany pride!
  • 2. Street Teaming
    • Street Teaming occurs on Friday’s and is the rewarding of students wearing purple, gold, or UAlbany apparel. A group of Spirit Street Team members and a professional staff member from the Spirit Committee will go around campus and give prizes to those wearing purple, gold, or UAlbany apparel. Prizes include free beverage coupons, spirit beads, spirit tattoos, candy, and more. Street Team on the podium, in the libraries, in the dining halls and campus center, or anywhere you find students showing their school pride. This a fun experience and the students you encounter will never forget being randomly greeted by a smiling face and winning a prize for wearing purple on Friday!
  • 3. Mascot Costume
    • This is your opportunity to wear the Lil’D Great Dane Mascot Costume. We will need people to wear the Lil’D costume at various Spirit Events throughout the year, including Spirit Tabling events and cookie day. Pose for pictures, greet students, BE Lil’D! Note: This is a PAID position. The going rate is approximately $25 per hour.

Time Commitment:

Your level of participation is up to you. Whenever there will be a Spirit Street Team event you will receive an email with the date, time, and event information. Then, you tell us if you are available and what times you will commit to participate. For example you can sign up to table for an hour one day, Street Team for an hour another Friday, and help hand out cookies on Cookie Day. Three simple ways in one semester to show your school pride and spread spirit across campus. Note: The Most Active Street Team Members will be awarded.

What do you gain from joining UAlbany Spirit Street Team?

  • A FREE Limited Edition Where’s Your Purple?! T-shirt.
  • Official Spirit Street Team access pass and lanyard.
  • Exposure to the Office of Vice President for Student Success and other Professional University Staff.
  • Great communication and marketing skills.
  • Opportunities to show your school pride and become eligible for the President’s Leadership Award for Spirit.

Are you interested in spreading school spirit? Join the UAlbany Spirit Street Team! Street Team members assist the Spirit Committee with promoting school pride, campus traditions and participation in campus events. To learn more or become a member email Spirit@albany.edu. The Spirit Committee is a group organized by the Office of the Vice President for Student Success to engage the University community in spirit initiatives and campus traditions.