Heart Check Lite

Here you will find information about “Heart Check Lite”, an innovative tool that evaluates organizational support for cardiovascular health as well as a link to the tool itself so you can begin to use it at your worksite.

If you are familiar with worksite health promotion, you may be aware of “Heart Check”, the forerunner to “Heart Check Lite”. “Heart Check” is a widely used and well researched tool that consists of an inventory of 226 worksite attributes. You can access this questionnaire from the New York State Department of Health.

The questions in “Heart Check” and “Heart Check Lite” measure:

  • Organizational foundations
  • Administrative support
  • Tobacco Use
  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Stress
  • Screening
  • “Heart Check Lite” was developed to provide the same kind information as Heart Check in a shorter, more efficient and more versatile format. This instrument is made available in a user friendly Excel spreadsheet that uses regression analysis to weight results and predict scores on “Heart Check”.

    The program includes not only the questionnaire itself but also charts and reports that you can use for presenting the information to company executives as well as employees. It also includes macros for storing assessments for multiple sites.

    The development of “Heart Check Lite” is fully described in the American Journal of Health Promotion (Fisher and Golaszewski, 2008).

    Click here to link to the tool

    This tool utilizes macros, please make sure macros is enabled within Excel before using. In order to get the most from this tool you are advised to read the entire manual that accompanies it as well as the article cited above.

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