Division of Public Health Practice

The Division of Public Health Practice aims to link academia and the practice of public health in organizations and communities throughout the Capital Region to support and promote public health efforts.

The Division of Public Health Practice:
1.Leverages the strengths of the School of Public Health faculty and students for community engagement public health initiatives that are in partnership with organizations such as nonprofits and colleges in the region with the goal understand and address local public health issues from a social determinants perspective.
2.Supports the work of three public health practice centers that provide continuing public health education training and health work force data, both of which influence public health practice and policy.
3.Fosters a network of public health colleagues in the Capital Region and seeks guidance from these colleagues through the Community Advisory Council of the School of Public Health.

The Division facilitates community engagement by connecting faculty and students to opportunities for community-engaged research, volunteering, service learning and internships. The division has four community engagement principles:
1.Mutually beneficial to the community and school
2.Recognize assets as well as needs to address public health disparities
3.Interdisciplinary partnerships
4.Engagement with a long term vision for sustainability

Our Centers 


Center for Health Workforce Studies

Center for Public Health Continuing Education

Center for Public Health Preparedness