Faculty Mentors

Residents work closely with faculty mentors on choosing coursework, planning and carrying out practicum rotations, and exploring career paths. The following list includes many, but not all, of the mentors available to residents, with a brief description of their areas of interests.


Mary S. Applegate, MD, MPH *
Director, Preventive Medicine

School of Public Health
Special Interests: Unintended pregnancy; breastfeeding; maternal mortality.  Preventive medicine policy and education.

Guthrie S. Birkhead, MD, MPH
Deputy Commissioner, Office of Public Health, NYSDOH
Professor of Epidemiology, SPH
Special Interests: HIV/AIDS epidemiology, prevention & treatment; Communicable disease epidemiology; Public health surveillance; Immunization programs; Lyme disease.

Debra S. Blog, MD, MPH *
Director, Department of Epidemiology, NYSDOH
Assistant Director, Preventive Medicine Residency Program
Special Interests: Immunizations; children with special health care needs; children's environmental health.

Christine Compton, MD, MPH*
Public Health Physician, Albany County Health Department
Special Interests: Community health, cancer prevention & survivorship.

Heather Dacus, DO, MPH *
Chair, Residency Advisory Committee, NYSPMR
Director, Bureau of Chronic Disease Control, NYSDOH
Special Interests: Cancer prevention, screening, and care; tobacco control.

Rachel M. De Long, MD, MPH *
Director, Division of Family Health, NYSDOH
Special Interests: Early childhood; building family assets; rural health.

Carolyn Grosvenor, MD, MPH *
Staff Physician, Stratton Veterans Administration Medical Center
Special Interests: Urban health; health care quality improvement.

Alvaro Carrascal, MD, MPH
Senior Vice President, Health Systems, American Cancer Society Eastern Division
Asst. Professor, Dept of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, SPH
Special Interests: Acute HIV infection; smoking and HIV; morbidity and mortality among HIV infected populations; international health.

Kimberly Kilby, MD, MPH*
Asst. Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education, Albany Medical Center
Asst. Professor, Department of Family Medicine, Albany Medical Center
Special Interests: communicable disease surveillance, influenza, communicable disease in pregnancy, women's health.

Margaret Oxtoby, MD, MPH
Director, Bureau of TB Control, NYSDOH
Asst. Professor of Epidemiology, SPH
Special Interests: Tuberculosis prevention and control; HIV/AIDS epidemiology.

David Pratt, MD, MPH*
Healthcare Consultant, Schenectady County Public Health Services
Special Interests: Local public health services.

Lou Crocker Smith, MD, MPH *
Director, Division of Epidemiology, Evaluation, and Research, AIDS Institute, NYSDOH
Special Interests: HIV/AIDS; hepatitis; epidemiology, prevention, and health care issues for chronic infectious diseases.

Marc F. Stern, MD, MPH
Consultant in Correctional Health Care
Assistant Affiliate Professor, School of Public Health, University of Washington
Journal Club Director, NYS PMR
Special Interests: Health services research, evidence-based medicine; clinical epidemiology, outcomes research, medical education, prison medicine.

Barbara Wallace, MD, MPH 
Medical Director, Division of Chronic Disease & Injury Prevention, NYSDOH
Asst. Professor of Epidemiology, SPH
Special Interests: Communicable & chronic disease epidemiology & control.

Alda Osinaga, MD, MPH*
Medical Director, Division of Program Development & Management
Advisor, PMR program

* Graduates of the New York State Preventive Medicine Residency Program


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