Public Health Leaders of Tomorrow (PHLOT)

In 2006, the Public Health Leaders of Tomorrow (PHLOT) Program was established to revive the field of public health through initiatives aimed at both current public health professionals and students at the University at Albany's School of Public Health.    With support from Senator Kemp Hannon, Chairman of the NYS Senate Standing Committee on Health and the New York State Department of Health, PHLOT provides opportunities designed to strengthen the current public health infrastructure and train the next generation of public health leaders in New York State. PHLOT offers tuition assistance for State and Local Health Department (LHD) employees to take academic coursework at the University at Albany School of Public Health and promotes leadership development activities for students preparing for public health careers in NYS government.

Continued support of the PHLOT program from the Governor's Executive Budget, the New York State Senate, the New York State Department of Health and the University at Albany helps ensure that the public health needs of NYS residents are addressed and protected by a highly trained and competent public health workforce.

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Where Our PHLOT Recipients are Working

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a PHLOT Tuition Award, all applicants must:

  1. Be a full-time, professional salaried employee at either a NYS local health department (LHD) or the NYS Dept of Health;
  2. Pursue and utilize tuition assistance through their employer/union, if available;
  3. Be enrolled in one of the following UAlbany School of Public Health Programs:


Tuition Awards

Only NYS LHD or NYS DOH full-time, salaried professionals are eligible to receive PHLOT Tuition Awards for in-state tuition.

Accepting a PHLOT Tuition Award means that students have reviewed and agree to adhere to the guidelines stated in the PHLOT Tuition Award Fact Sheet.

-Awards are first-come, first-served based on availability of funds per semester. 
-Awards are issued in the priority order below (determined between SPH and NYS DOH based on their funding agreement)

  1. LHD Directors who are required to complete the certificate, MPH, or specific coursework; 
  2. LHD staff pursuing a first graduate degree in public health (certificate or MPH);
  3. NYS DOH staff pursuing a first graduate degree in public health (certificate or MPH);
  4. *LHD or NYS DOH staff taking non-degree courses with the intent to pursue a certificate or degree;
  5. LHD or NYS DOH staff registered for an independent study or internship (non-PHLOT funded)
  6. LHD or NYSDOH staff pursuing a DrPH or PhD (excluding enrollment in SPH 898 or 899)

*note: students can only receive PHLOT funding with non-degree status for one semester

-Due to limited funding, tuition awards are limited to a MAXIMUM of up to three (3) credits per student per semester. 

- Students are responsible for payment of tuition above and beyond the three (3) credits.

-Awards cover TUITION ONLY. All other fees (student/late fees, books, etc) are the student's responsibility.

-Students who drop, withdraw and/or fail a course that was PHLOT funded will be responsible for payment of tuition & fees for the course. Unless extenuating circumstances are demonstrated, future funding will be impacted.  PHLOT will not cover the tuition for the repeated course if the student fails.

Accepting a PHLOT Tuition Award means that students have reviewed and agree to adhere to the guidelines stated in the PHLOT Tuition Award Fact Sheet.

Application Requirements

Once accepted into a School of Public Health program (see "Eligibility Requirements" above for available programs) all interested PHLOT applicants must submit:

  1. A Tuition Award Request Form during each semester you enroll in courses;
  2. Documentation of tuition assistance pursued/used through your employer/union;
  3. Verification of full-time employment status (e.g., copy of ID, letter from employer)

Timely course registration and submission date of the Request Form also determines tuition awards.

Changes in contact information or program status must be communicated to the Program Coordinator.

For more information on PHLOT tuition awards, contact:

Susan Bernardi-Bain, Program Coordinator
School of Public Health, University at Albany
One University Place, Room 118
Rensselaer, NY 12144
(518) 408-2341

Internship Support & Fellowship Awards

The PHLOT program recognizes and supports the added value of practical, real-world public health experience to the academic programs at the University at Albany School of Public Health. The experience gained by internships is immeasurable, providing mutual benefits to students and host organizations alike. In keeping with its central mission, PHLOT supports a limited number of SPH Internship Fellowship awards each semester for practice-based internship placements at local health departments (LHDs) or the New York State Department of Health (DOH), with priority given to support internship placements at LHDs.  The SPH Internship Fellowship must be completed for credit as part of the student's academic program in order to be eligible for the fellowship funding.  Sponsored by specific state agencies and local health departments, candidates will need to possess the skill set established by the sponsoring agency.  The Fellowship is awarded to assist with the cost of tuition, fees and/or travel and living expenses associated with the completion of the internship.

Student Eligibility for PHLOT Internship Fellowship awards:

  • Satisfactory academic achievement
  • Demonstrated interest in public health service at the local or State level   
  • Registration of the experience for University at Albany academic credit

Value of Internship Awards for NYS DOH and Local Health Departments
Internships provide excellent opportunities for LHDs and the NYS DOH to host students who have completed a full year of graduate coursework seeking full-time six to twelve week internship positions.
Students successfully matched with an internship may be eligible to receive an SPH Internship Fellowship Award through PHLOT at no cost to the host organization.

Potential mentors interested in hosting a student intern should contact:

Katrina L. Chamberlain, MS, MPH
Director, Internship and Career Services
University at Albany School of Public Health


Student Professional Development

The Public Health Leaders of Tomorrow Program is committed to strengthening the public health infrastructure of New York State through academic, practical and leadership training opportunities. For the 2015-16 academic year, PHLOT will support partial travel expenses for Delta Omega recipients from Student Poster Day to present their poster at the APHA conference.  Student Poster Day is an opportunity for SPH students to present on the research they completed during their required MPH internships, many of which are at a local health department or the NYS Department of Health, and are an integral part of the student's academic experience at the School of Public Health.  

Eligible students need to complete a Professional Development Application Form and provide supporting documentation in order to be considered.  Application forms and supporting documentation needs to be submitted by e-mail to Susan Bernardi-Bain, Program Coordinator.



Student Leadership Training

PHLOT supports professional and leadership development for all University at Albany School of Public Health students, including Local Health Department and New York State Department of Health staff by providing career related programs, events and activities during the academic year. 

Speakers and resources are available for students on a wide variety of topics including but not limited to: resume and cover letter development, interviewing and networking skills, public health leadership, and professional etiquette in the workplace.  These programs are open to all University of Albany School of Public Health students, faculty and staff.

Fall 2015 Career Calendar

Spring 2016 Career Calendar


Funding for the Public Health Leaders of Tomorrow Program is made possible through the NYS Legislature via an award from the NYS Department of Health.