Akiko Hosler

Akiko Hosler

Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director
School of Public Health
Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Ph.D. University at Albany (Sociology)
M.A. University at Albany (Geography)
C.G.S. Mount Holyoke College (Foreign Fellow)


Akiko Hosler, PhD, is Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director at the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Prior to joining the University at Albany in 2007, she served as Director of Diabetes Surveillance and Evaluation at the New York State Department of Health for 11 years. Dr. Hosler’s research has two major areas of focus. The first area is diabetes and its associated metabolic disorders. Dr. Hosler has uncovered the excess burden of type 2 diabetes and determinants of disparities in diabetes self-management and care in various populations, including Puerto Rican, Russian, Guyanese, and Indian immigrants in the U.S., and suggested public health intervention strategies for those groups. She also conducted epidemiological investigations of gestational diabetes and diabetes prescription drugs to fill research gaps, and provided evidence for effectiveness of large-scale diabetes/metabolic syndrome intervention programs in New York State and Japan. The other area of focus is the built environment and its impact on health. As Principle Investigator of the Capital District Built Environment Assessment Study, Dr. Hosler has led more than a dozen community-canvassing assessment studies of food/nutrition, tobacco, and walking environments in Upstate New York. Her food/nutrition environment research in Albany, which started in 2003, is one of a few on-going longitudinal built environment studies in the U.S. Dr. Hosler has developed unique built environment research methods, and by linking built environment data to health survey data, she demonstrated how the built environment contributes to disparities in obesity, smoking, exercise walking, and public health service utilization.


Research Interests

  • Diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • The food/nutrition environment and its impact on health
  • Health disparities


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