Faculty Research Interests

University at Albany Full-Time Faculty

DiRienzo, Greg    Associate Professor
Theory and practice of non-parametric and semi-parametric statistical methods for model selection in longitudinal studies with missing data; clinical trials; high-dimensional data; survival analysis.

Appleton, Allison  Assistant Professor
Developmental origins of disease, psychosocial adversity, epigenetics, cardiovascular epidemiology

Gensburg, Lenore   Assistant Professor
Adverse health effects of environmental and occupational exposures to toxic agents, Love Canal Follow-Up Health Study.

Hosler, Akiko   Associate Professor
Diabetes and chronic disease epidemiology, effects of socio-environmental factors on health, survey research methods, and applied GIS.

Kuniholm, Mark  Associate Professor    
Identification of host genetic factors that affect pathogenesis of viral infections and response to antiviral therapies; identification of mechanistic pathways through which viral infections perturb innate and adaptive immune responses and contribute to the development of non-infectious conditions (e.g., cardiovascular disease); implementation research, and identification of barriers to care for individuals with viral hepatitis and/or HIV.

Kuznetsov, Igor  Associate Professor
Bioinformatics. Application of computational and statistical methods to problems in genomics and proteomics

Moslehi, Roxana  Associate Professor
Genetic and Epidemiologic Studies of Cancer and Cancer Precursors

Nasca, Phil  Professor
Epidemiology of breast and female reproductive system tumors and childhood neoplasia; cancer control research.

Tracy, Melissa  Assistant Professor
Social determinants of mental health and substance use, particularly after exposure to violence and other traumatic events. I am also interested in the application of novel methods to population health problems, including the use of agent-based modeling to compare potential policies and interventions for reducing health disparities. 

Vásquez, Elizabeth Assistant Professor
Aging population, physical activity, bone health, chronic pain, social determinants of health.

Yucel, Recai M.   Department Chair and Associate Professor of Biostatistics
Analysis of missing and multilevel data, Bayesian data analysis, computational algorithms and software development, methods for response errors, observational data analysis and methodological issues in public health research and prevention research.

Zurbenko, Igor   Professor
Multivariate methods in Statistics, Time series, Geographich data analysis, parametric and nonparametric approach. Analysis of real data in Time and Space.

Department of Health Faculty

Backenson, P. Bryon   Assistant Professor
Infectious disease epidemiology, particularly arthropod-borne and zoonotic diseases.  Risk communication.  Public health education.

Blog, Deb  Assistant Professor

Boscoe, Francis  Research  Professor
Spatial analysis, applications of geographic information systems in public health, cancer epidemiology, and data collection and quality in central disease registries. He is currently working on a geographic study of sunlight exposure and its beneficial association with non-skin cancers.

Browne, Marilyn   Assistant Professor
Perinatal epidemiology, in particular congenital malformations research; environmental epidemiology

Carrascal, Alvaro   Assistant Professor
Acute HIV infection, smoking and HIV, morbidity and mortality among HIV infected populations. International health.

Dennison, Barbara    Clinical Professor
Epidemiology and Prevention Obesity, Epidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, Translational Research

Eidson, Millicent   Professor
Zoonotic diseases, rabies, West Nile Virus, geographic information systems (GIS), infectious disease forecasting.

Gates, Maggie Assistant Professor
Cancer epidemiology and prevention, modifiable risk factors for breast and ovarian cancer, cancer disparities, cancer survival

Haley, Valerie  Research Assistant Professor
Healthcare-associated infections, methodological issues in disease surveillance and provider profiling.

Herdt-Losavio, Michele  Assistant Professor
Reproductive Epidemiology; Low birth weight, preterm birth; Occupational Epidemiology and Environmental Epidemiology

Hwang, Syni-an
   Research Professor
Application of statistics in expert systems; data analysis; modeling; multivariate analysis; sampling technique and theory; survival analysis.

Insaf, Tabassum    Assistant Professor

Kacica, Marilyn
   Clinical Associate Prof

Kramer, Laura    Associate Professor

Lazariu, Victoria    Assistant Professor

Leckman-Westin, Emily  Assistant Professor
Psychiatric epidemiology, psychotropic prescribing practices, maternal and child mental health, and how evidence based science is transferred to practice.

Lutterloh, Emily     Assistant Professor
Health associated infections

Malloy, Rachel     Assistant Professor
HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C prevention and health care, drug user health, HIV/AIDS linkage and retention

Norelli, Lisa   Assistant Professor

Noyes, Kimberly  Assistant Professor

Schymura, Maria    Assistant Professor
Cancer epidemiology; screening for breast cancer; time trends in cancer incidence; epidemiologic methods.

Smith, Lou
    Assistant Professor
HIV/AIDS epidemiology, perinatal transmission of HIV, HIV incidence surveillance, hepatitis C seroprevalence.

Van Zutphen
  Research Assistant Professor

Birth defects and other adverse reproductive outcomes related to maternal chronic disease, medication use, environmental/occupational exposures during pregnancy.  Improving quality of care to reduce morbidity in those living with birth defects.

Wallace, Barbara
    Assistant Professor
Infectious disease epidemiology; communicable disease outbreak investigations; public health preparedness planning.

Zansky, Shelley  Assistant Professor


University at Albany Faculty with Secondary Appointments in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Bell, Erin  Associate Professor
Occupational and environmental epidemiology, health effects of pesticides, reproductive epidemiology, including birth defects, cancer epidemiology, the use of GIS techniques for exposure assessment

Bloom, Michael Associate Professor
Effects of oxidative stress and environmental exposures including metals, persistent organic pollutants and plasticizers on human thyroid function and human reproductive function, including assisted reproductive technologies.

Fitzgerald, Edward  Professor
Adverse health effects of environmental and occupational exposures to toxic agents, particularly polychlorinated hydrocarbons; perinatal epidemiology; psychosocial epidemiology. 

Gage, Timothy    Professor
Hazards modeling of mortality patterns and survival analysis; genetic epidemiology; quantitative methods. Dr. Gage is also affiliated with the Department of Anthropology. To learn more about his work in the field of Anthropology,click here

Lin, Shao Professor
Reproductive epidemiology, including birth defects, pre-maturity, low birthweight and fertility; parental lead exposure and adverse reproductive outcomes; asthma and air pollution, reproductive health among nurses.

Schell, Lawrence   Professor 
Reproductive epidemiology, human growth and development; biological impact of urban environments; Native Americans: anthropometric and genetic variation. Dr. Schell is also affiliated with the Department of Anthropology. To find out more about his work in Anthropology.

Strogatz, David Associate Professor
Etiology and prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke and the risk factors for these diseases; socioeconomic and racial comparisons in the occurrence of disease; applications of epidemiology in the evaluation of public health.


Other Faculty

Armstrong, Donna   Associate Professor Emeritus
Community-level predictors of premature heart disease mortality rates. Social class and race and premature heart disease mortality. Community planning including jobs and skills development and public transit systems to reduce the risk of coronary mortality in low income population. 

Baptiste, Mark     Assistant Professor
Cancer epidemiology including research on cholesterol, environmental risk factors, personal and lifestyle risk factors, neuroblastoma, cervical cancer and cancer control.

Bednarczyk, Robert   Research Assistant Professor

Birkhead, Gus Professor
Communicable disease epidemiology; epidemiology of vaccine preventable diseases, public health surveillance, HIV/AIDS prevention.

DeHovitz, Jack     Adjunct Professor
Natural history of HIV infection in women; epidemiology of HIV infection in Central/Eastern Europe.

Druschel, Charlotte  Professor
Perinatal epidemiology; congenital malformations research, congenital malformation registry; environmental epidemiology.

Jenkins, Paul    Adjunct Assistant Professor

O'Grady, Thomas    Assistant Research Professor       

Smith, Perry
Assistant Research Professo
AIDS/HIV epidemiology; AIDS case surveillance; HIV seroprevalence and seroincidence studies; health care worker HIV transmission.

Stephens, P. Clay    Assistant Professor
HIV/AIDS, STD's Hepatidities and TB, Intervention and Care, Community Involvement and Communtiy-Based Research: Ethics and Study Design, Harm Reduction as a route to behavior change.

Stratton, Howard   Professor Emeritus
Measurement error models, mixture mortality models, selection bias corrections, hidden marker chains.

Talbot, Thomas Assistant Professor