About the Dental Residency Program

How the program is organized

  • The program is administered by a board-certified dental public health specialist under the supervision of the Director of the Bureau of Dental Health. A committee consisting of members of the health department and the School of Public Health (Appendix A) provide overall direction. The committee reviews the program on an annual basis and makes recommendations for funding. The funds are obtained from the Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant (MCHBG). The application for funding is reviewed every year by the MCHBG advisory committee.
  • The health department has established a contract with the School of Public Health, University at Albany via The Research Foundation, SUNY at Albany for program administration. See Appendix B for the terms of the contract.
  • The program director is assisted by a committee of faculty members (Appendix C). This committee assists the program director in the selection of candidates, development of training plans, and evaluation of the resident's training. In addition, the members of the committee participate in field assignments and supervision of the resident's training.
  • The policies and procedures of the residency program are outlined in the document - Operating Procedures Manual (Appendix D).
  • The outline of program activities is listed in Appendix E. The activities recommended for residents are based on the Commission on Dental Accreditation's Standards for Advanced Specialty Education Programs (Appendix E). In addition, the draft competency objectives developed by a committee established by the American Association of Public Health Dentistry will be utilized as a guide for developing training plans for residents.
  • Continuation in the program is contingent upon satisfactory performance. Performance is evaluated in monthly reports by training supervisors and periodic conferences with the program director (Appendix F). A formal evaluation of the resident's performance will be conducted at least on a semi-annual basis to advise the program director of the resident's progress. The members of the residency committee will review the final report of the major project before approving eligibility for certification.
Program Director: Dr. Jay Kumar, DDS, MPH
Phone Number: ((518) 474-1961
Fax Number: (518) 474-8985
Address: The Dental Public Health Residency Program
NYSDOH Bureau of Dental Health,
ESP Corning Tower
Albany, NY 12237-0619