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Rural Initiative for Diet and Exercise NY

Some populations tend to have higher rates of obesity. Rates of chronic health conditions related to obesity and overweight, such as diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis, are also higher in these groups.

Populations with a higher risk of obesity in rural New York include:

  • Latino/Hispanic Populations (including migrant farm workers);
  • African-Americans;
  • American Indians/Alaska Natives;
  • Populations in Appalachia;
  • Low-income; and
  • Age 60 and above

Because cultural practices and beliefs affect health behaviors, it’s important to consider the needs of specific population groups when creating or tailoring interventions addressing rural obesity.

The Rural Initiative for Diet and Exercise NY (RIDE-NY) is funded by the NYS DOH Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities Prevention's State Partnership ProgramThis initiative focuses on community engagement using multi-sector partnerships to implement targeted interventions to reduce obesity, and evaluate the impact of obesity prevention initiatives targeted toward racial, ethnic and underserved communities in Jefferson and Sullivan Counties of NYS.

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