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Teens & Taboo: A Look at Prevalence and Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Originally presented on August 15, 2013

Audrie MacDuff
Sexuality Educator & Teen View Co-Advisor, Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson

Rob Curry, M.S. Ed.
Sexual Health Care Consultant and Trainer

Sexual health is an often taboo and untouched topic of conversation, which leads to misunderstanding and lack of education amongst young people today. According to the American Sexual Health Association, one in four teenagers will contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) each year. Despite the fact that STIs are preventable, prevalence rates are ever-increasing and can have a lifelong impact on those infected.

This broadcast will explore current trends in sexually transmitted infections on both a national and local level and will increase participant’s knowledge of issues in adolescent sexual health. It will highlight prevention methods, as well as the impact of sexuality education in public schools. In addition, this program will take a culturally competent look at education and diversity, and examine how lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) youth are often marginalized and excluded from conversations regarding sexual health.

Program Objectives
After watching this broadcast participants will be able to:

  • Identify the unique challenges that adolescents bring to STI prevention
  • Describe strategies effective of STI prevention and current trends
  • Navigate best practices for educating teens on sexual health

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