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iChoose600®- Helping People Order Fewer Calories at Fast Food Chains

Originally presented on April 18, 2013

Ann Lowenfels, MPH in Health Education
New York State Department of Health

Theresa Cohen
Nutrition Policy Coordinator
NYS Department of Health

Posting calorie counts on menus in chain restaurants has emerged as a strategy to address obesity  since people are eating out more often and eating more when they eat out.  Legislation requiring chain restaurants to post calorie information has been passed in some municipalities and at the federal level.  To be meaningful, the posted calories require a context, i.e., how many calories people need per meal or per day.  iChoose600® was developed to provide chain restaurant patrons with that context – a 600 calorie target for meals eaten out.  This broadcast will describe the formative research, campaign strategies, and evaluation results.  

Program Objectives:
After watching this broadcast participants will be able to:

  • Describe three key findings of the formative research.
  • Identify at least two campaign strategies.
  • Describe the impact of the campaign on the target audience.

This broadcast was supported with funding from:

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