The School of Public Health offers a wide range of degree programs designed to provide students with a strong background in the field of public health. Undergraduate students may opt to major in public health, while graduate students can select from our professional degrees - MPH and DrPH, including a fully online MPH - or a specialized academic degree - MS and PhD. We also offer several graduate certificates, which may be used as a first look at public health or to further enhance one's understanding of the complexities of the field.

Biomedical Sciences

MPH          MS           PhD

Environmental Health Sciences

MPH          MS          DrPH          PhD                   

Epidemiology & Biostatistics

MPH          MS          DrPH          PhD

Health Policy, Management & Behavior

MPH          DrPH

Dual Degrees

MD/MPH          MPH/MSW        

JD/MPH Program

Certificate Programs

Professional Accredited Public Health Certificates


Online Programs

Online Degrees and Certificates

Postgraduate Programs

Fellowship in Applied Public Health  Dental Public Health

Undergraduate Programs


Non-Degree Study