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Public Health Minor


Who should minor in Public Health?

The minor in Public Health is designed for students who wish to complement their core major with some knowledge of Public Health. Due to its highly interdisciplinary nature, the field of Public Health is unique. It involves the knowledge and application of a variety of disciplines in its research, teaching, service and practice activities, including: biology, sociology, anthropology, public policy math, business, education, psychology, and many others.

The minor can be paired with a variety of majors, including but not limited to: psychology, women’s studies, sociology, anthropology, public policy, political science, communications, human biology, biology, English, criminal justice, economics, globalization studies, journalism, mathematics, philosophy, business, computer science etc.


Why minor in Public Health?

As the public health challenges of the next century emerge in new and more complicated forms, it is essential that the training of Public Health professionals keep pace. Pursuing a minor can be a first step to a career in pubic health or it can strengthen a career in many related fields: medicine, nursing, law, journalism, and more.


What is required for the Public Health minor?

The minor in Public Health will require the completion of a minimum of 18 graduation credits which must include a minimum of 9 graduation credits in course work requiring one or more prerequisite courses or courses at or above the 300 level. Students will be required to enroll in four core courses, and must select two additional courses from a list of designated courses.


Curriculum for Public Health Minor

Core Courses (12 Credits)


Course Title

H Sph 201 (3)

Introduction to Public Health (No pre-requisites)

H Sph 321 (3)

Global Environmental Issues and their Effect on Human Health (Pre requisite: one semester of biology or chemistry)

H Sph 341 (3)

Promoting Healthy People and Communities (No pre-requisites)

H Sph 342 (3)

How U.S. Health Care Works: Myths and Realities (No pre-requisites)

A Phi 115 (3)

Moral Choices (No pre-requisites)

First Elective: Choose ONE course from the following (3 credits)

H Sph 202 (3)

From Cholera to Cancer: History, Challenges and Achievements in Public Health (No prerequisites)

H Sph 310/ H Hpm 310 (3)

Key Health Policy Issues of the US: AComparative Approach (Pre-requisite: A Eco110 Principles of Economics I: Microeconomics)

Second Elective: Choose ONE course from the following (3 credits)

H Sph 231 (3)

Concepts in Epidemiology (Pre-requisite: A Mat 108 Elementary Statistics, or equivalent)

A Ant 418 (3)

Culture, Environment and Health (Pre-requisite: Consent of instructor)



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