Stewart Sell

Stewart Sell, MD

Stem cells in tissue renewal and carcinogenesis. Chemical hepatocarcinogenesis.

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Stewart Sell, MD

School of Public Health
Department: Biomedical Sciences

Research Scientist, Wadsworth Center, Cancer Research



MD, University of Pittsburgh (1960)

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Research Interests

Ongoing Research

  • Cancer: To determine the role of tissue determined stem cells in the generation of liver cancer induced by aflatoxin in mice.
  • Cancer: To isolate, culture and characterize breast cancer stem cells from transgenic mice.
  • Cancer: To determine if proliferation of breast cancer stem cells can be specifically blocked by small molecular inhibitors or inhibitory RNA. This is a critical step to preventing re-growth of breast cancer after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  • Aging: To test the hypothesis that high expression of a naturally occurring short isoform of p53 (Δ40p53) by hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) or bone marrow stroma (BMS) leads to increased asymmetric division of HSCs and an accelerated loss of HSCs with aging.
  • Alcohol and Liver Injury: To determine the possible interaction of alcohol induced injury and aflatoxin exposure in production of liver injury and liver cancer using a specific knockout mouse (glutathionine-S-transferase A3) that is susceptible to aflatoxin injury (normal mice are very resistant).
  • Tuberous Sclerosis: To determine the cell of origin of the lesions of Tuberous Sclerosis.