Ricky Leung

Ricky C. Leung PhD

Health management, medical innovation, global health, transnational studies.

The World Within Reach
Ricky C. Leung, PhD
Assistant Professor

School of Public Health
Department: Health Policy, Management and Behavior

One University Place, Room 181



PhD Sociology (Organizations; Science and Technology) University of Wisconsin-Madison 2008
Postdoctoral Associate Operations and Strategic Management University of Minnesota 2008-2010

Research Interests

My interests include health management, technological innovation, global health, and transnational studies. For instances, I have studied how academic researchers developed nanotechnology-enabled medical products, and how hospitals utilized social media to increase communication with patients. My latest research looks at the use of new information technology among the underserved population in the US health sector, particularly immigrants and minorities.

Additional Information

Courses Frequently Taught

HPM 500 Health Care Organization, Delivery and Financing
SPH 342 How U.S. Health Care Works: Myths and Realities


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