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Mary P. Gallant, PhD, MPH

Studies chronic illness management and health promotin among older adults; evaluates evidence-based interventions

The World Within Reach
Mary P. Gallant, PhD, MPH
Associate Professor

School of Public Health
Department: Health Policy, Management and Behavior

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs



Postdoctoral Fellowship Aging University of Michigan School of Social Work 1995-1996
PhD Health Behavior & Health Education University of Michigan 1995
MPH Health Behavior & Health Education University of Michigan 1990
AB Harvard University 1987

Research Interests

My research relates to self-care and health promotion among older adults and adults with chronic illness, with a special focus on understanding how social support and social relationships influence self-care and chronic illness management among older adults. My work also focuses on informal caregiving, and the evaluation of evidence-based interventions when they are translated and implemented in public health practice settings. I have also conducted work on falls prevention and physical activity among older adults. I am currently collaborating with the NYS Department of Health to conduct a statewide comprehensive evaluation of the NYS Alzheimer’s Disease Caregiver Support Initiative.

Additional Information

Courses Frequently Taught:

HPM 627 - Program Development in Health Promotion
HPM 625 - Introduction to Public Health and Aging
SPH 680 - MPH First-Year Professional Development Seminar     


Gallant, M.P., Editor-in-Chief. The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Public Health and Aging. Forthcoming. In progress.

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