This is a photo of Georges Potworowski smiling, wearing a black blazer and glasses, crossing his arms

Georges Potworowski, PhD

Evidence-based management, change implementation, organizational capacity for change, indecisiveness and its implications for healthcare organizations and policy, primary care, mixed methods research, cognitive task analysis.

The World Within Reach
Georges Potworowski, PhD
Assistant Professor

School of Public Health
Department: Health Policy, Management and Behavior

One University Place, Room 183



 PhD University of Michigan 2010

Research Interests

I study how learning and expertise are developed and leveraged to improve how individuals, teams, and organizations change. I take an inter-disciplinary and multi-method approach to understanding three specific aspects of this in healthcare: 1) Implementing transformational change, including improving change facilitation and developing organizational capacity for change, 2) The use of evidence in healthcare management, 3) and improving decision-making processes.