Francis Boscoe

Francis P. Boscoe, PhD, MA

Spatial analysis, applications of geographic information systems in public health, cancer epidemiology, and data collection and quality in central disease registries. He is currently working on a geographic study of sunlight exposure and its beneficial association with non-skin cancers.

The World Within Reach
Francis P. Boscoe, PhD, MA
Research Full Professor

School of Public Health
Department: Epidemiology and Biostatistics

NYS Department of Health - Research Scientist
GEC 200



2000 Ph.D., Geography, Pennsylvania State University
1996 MA, Geography, Kent State University

Research Interests

Cancer epidemiology, spatial analysis, geographic information systems, demography

Additional Information

Frequently Taught Courses:

EPI 621 – Geographic Information Systems and Public Health (2003-2013)


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