Fellowships describe different types of professional training and scholarship opportunities.  They serve as an excellent way to launch a career in public health, since they provide specific training and experience for recent MPH graduates. Fellowships usually are short-term employment opportunities structured to provide significant work experience, many of which provide rotations through various departments and include professional development programs.  Since the objective of a fellowship is to give the candidate a strong overview of the work involved, fellows often assume a great deal of responsibility quickly to become fully immersed in their field. Generally, fellows are provided with unique experiences that are not typically available to someone starting out in an entry-level position, with similar salary and benefits associated with them. 

For more information, review the Public Health Fellowships handout, which provides a list of fellowship opportunities and resources in Public Health.  Although this is not a comprehensive list of all public health fellowships available, it gives a solid overview to get candidates started.