Student Testimonials

Nicole Cillis, MPH ‘15, Biomedical Sciences
“Upon graduating from UAlbany School of Public Health, I entered medical school. I truly believe attending the SPH was the single best decision I ever made. Both the education and experiences in the classroom along with the internship opportunities, has prepared me for this journey. Attending the SPH awarded me the opportunity to gain a community health perspective before tackling the considerable knowledge needed to address individual health issues. My time at the SPH truly solidified my belief there is a connective link between the individual and the disease, they are not separate entities. Looking into the future, the experiences and knowledge I gained while attending the SPH will serve me well to bridge the gap between community health and the medical field, as well as show the essential connection between the two.”

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Angela Falisi, MPH ’15, Social Behavior and Community Health
“The connections, training and experiences that I gained during my time at the University at Albany School of Public Health have been invaluable as I continue to grow in the public health profession.”

Angela is a Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) in the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS) of the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, working in the areas of scientific program management, communications, and planning.

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Bernadette Dolen, MPH ‘15, Social Behavior and Community Health
"The UAlbany School of Public Health internship program lead to a career for me. I am very grateful for all of the opportunities offered by SPH!”

Bernadette works for the New York State Department of Health as the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners (SAFE) Program Coordinator

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Elizabeth Rialdi, BS ’16, Public Health, MPH ’18, Social Behavior and Community Health
My time at the School of Public Health was more than I could have hoped for in a master’s program. The program allowed me to really explore my interests and work with professionals in the field that provided me with opportunities to explore those interests and scope out what I wanted to do after my degree was complete. Because of those connections I made, I was lucky enough to find my current position right out of my master’s program doing exactly what I love. I am now the Public Health Specialist for the Rape Prevention Education Program at the New York State Department of Health where I aid statewide Regional Centers in providing primary prevention towards decreasing sexual violence across the state.

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Fei Tang, MPH ’16, Epidemiology
“Studying at the School of Public Health of University at Albany provided me with my various research and internship opportunities. Course structure is useful and well-organized, which helped me to develop strong analytic and research skills in my internships, and my research career after graduation.

Fei is currently enrolled in our Epidemiology PhD program while also working at the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYSOMH) as a research scientist in the Office of Performance Measurement and Evaluation (OPME) of NYSOMH, where her responsibilities include conducting data analysis, evaluating and providing insights for various mental health related programs in the New York State.

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Joe Chiarenzelli, MPH ’15, Health Policy and Management
“The School of Public Health prepared me to have a successful career in a whole host of roles in the federal government.”

Joe works as a Program Specialist at the Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Inspector General on health policy issues. He is open to talking with students at the School of Public Health about his experience in work and school. Contact us at if you would like to be connected!

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Lorraine Kourofsky, Certificate in Public Health Fundamentals and Principles ‘15
“An excellent program that seeks to improve the student learning process that is meaningful and life based practices. I work 2 part time jobs and the program has helped in so many ways. At HCR homecare, the experiences and courses from the SPH allow me to evaluate the teaching tools and approaches to change behaviors that will improve patient outcomes and also to empower patients to make better choices in their healthcare. At the School BOCES program I am working with educators to look at the behaviors and health choices that students make. The courses helped me problem solve and evaluate risk factors for these teens.”

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Marni Rawiszer, MPH ’16, Social Behavior and Community Health
“I had an amazing experience at the School of Public Health. Between the engaged professors, internship experiences, and the various professional opportunities offered, I received an educational experience that was comprehensive and gave me an excellent foundation for work in the field.”

Marni is director of communication at a non-profit that focuses on community health education and advancing the healthcare workforce.

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Diane Butrym, MS ’16, Epidemiology
“The diverse school population gave me the opportunity to learn about public health practices in countries around the world.”

Diane works from home and is on the Board of Directors of the Susan G. Komen Upstate New York affiliate. Part of her role is to ensure the monies raised are used to help them carry out their mission of decreasing deaths from breast cancer by 50%. She is also an advocate for mental health and the National Eating Disorder Association, and provides talks and interviews on topics such as infectious disease, dietary supplements and eating disorders.

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