At the School of Public Health, our faculty play a significant role in the student’s career development process, particularly in their role as a Faculty Advisor throughout the SPH Internship Program.

Students are encouraged to be proactive in seeking advice and assistance from their Faculty Advisors when designing their internship plan, selecting placements, completing course requirements and aligning the internship with career goals. Although students receive significant help from the Director of Internships, they are encouraged to consult with their Faculty Advisor throughout their SPH career.

For a more comprehensive overview of the SPH Internship Program, click here to review The SPH Internship Program: A Component of Experiential Learning at SPH Information Guide

During the SPH Internship Process, Faculty Advisors:

  • Review and approve a student’s internship placement
  • Collaborate with the Director of Internships to assist students in the internship process
  • Notify the Director of Internships if a student-advisee is on academic probation
  • Work with the student and Internship Mentor to ensure that MPH Core Competencies are being met
  • Meet with the student and Internship Mentor for a one-month evaluation to ensure the experience is progressing smoothly for the student and agency
  • Read and evaluate the student’s final internship report and attend the oral presentation if possible
  • Attend Poster Day to evaluate the poster of each student-advisee
  • Receive and sign off on Final Evaluations to certify the internship requirements have been successfully met
Link to internship facts sheet for advisors