Professional Development Activities

Each academic year, the Office of Internships and Career Services hosts a wide variety of career events and programs to assist School of Public Health students entering or advancing in the workforce. Topics range from Resume Preparation, Interviewing and Networking Skills, Diversity and Professionalism in the Workplace, Public Health Leadership and Preparing for the SPH Internship Process. Programs have included information sessions and panel discussions with public health professionals and internship mentors, networking events, and facilitation and debriefing of the MBTI Career Interest Inventory assessment. Online access has also been provided for up to 100 students to virtually attend the Opening/Closing Sessions of the Annual APHA Meeting and Expo.

Get Involved!

Networking with students and other public health professionals is something we value and encourage as part of the career development process. It is also an excellent way for our employers and community partners to promote their organization and meet prospective candidates. We continually seek employers and public health professionals who are willing to conduct an information session, serve on a career panel, or assist with resume critiques/ mock interviews, and welcome and encourage additional suggestions! The Professional Development Calendar below outlines many of the different ways we connect with our outside partners. Interested School of Public Health alumni, mentors and community partners interested can contact us by clicking on “Suggest a Topic or Speaker” below.

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