MS Field Placements

The MS Field Placement program focuses on research-based experiences geared towards the development of MS thesis topics. Partnering with the NYSDOH, the Cancer Research Center, HRI, Regeneron, and many other capital region organizations, students are able to gain hands on experience in the Public Health field while also benefiting from the supportive guidance of the School of Public Health Faculty. Field Placement experiences often develop into MS thesis topics under the supervision of the student's thesis committee. Please refer to the SPH Internship Program Handbook and FAQ for program requirements and additional information.

MS Degree Requirements

Internship requirements for the MS degree vary depending on which department and concentration the degree is being completed in. MS students in Epidemiology are required to complete a 3-credit field placement for their degree requirement. MS students in Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Health are required to complete laboratory or field rotations. For more information, students should contact their academic department to discuss this requirement.

MS Epidemiology:

MS Epidemiology students are required to complete a field placement during which the students work closely with a mentor on actual epidemiological projects. Students beginning their second semester of study should begin to work with both their Faculty Advisor and the Director of Internships for the School in locating and applying for a field placement. Typically, students in the MS program in Epidemiology will complete their field placement during the summer of their first year in the program. The Faculty Advisor must approve of the placement and should work with the student and the mentor of the training agency in designing goals, objectives, and conditions of the placement. Since a good portion of the field placements are used as thesis topics as well, it is very important that the advisor remain involved in the placement. The student is responsible for making sure they receive an SPH Experiential Learning Handbook from the Director of Internships, and for completing and handing in the required forms to the Department. Once the placement has been completed, the student is required to write a paper and to give an oral presentation on the placement. The placement final report must be given to the faculty advisor and mentor at least 2 weeks prior to the oral presentation. Faculty advisors and mentors are required to attend the field placement presentation. The field placement presentations should be held at the School of Public Health. Students are responsible for securing dates and times when both mentor and advisor are available, then give those dates to the department secretary two weeks prior to the presentation to determine room availability.

Students who wish to waive the field placement due to work previously performed in the public health field must submit a written request to the department chair. If the waiver is approved, the student is required to write a paper and give an oral presentation on the waiver experience.

MS Epidemiology Degree Requirements

MS Field Placement Waiver

If a student wishes to waive the field placement due to work they have previously performed in the public health field, they will be required to make the request in writing to the Chair of the Department. If the request is granted, the student will be required to write a paper and give an oral presentation on the waiver.