MPH Internships

The MPH Internship program focuses on practice-based experiences. Students complete 9 credits of internships in various settings including the NYSDOH, local county health departments, community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, and private sector businesses, and can also explore options to develop their own opportunities through our long-standing relationships with other organizations, alumni, and the Center for Global Health (international internships). Please refer to the SPH Internship Program Handbook and FAQ for program requirements and additional information.

MPH Degree Internship Requirement

The MPH degree internship requirement is a total of 9 credits or 720 hours of experience and can be achieved in various combinations of 3-credit (240 hours) or 6-credit (480 hours) internships.

  • At least six (6) credits of the internship must be completed within the student's concentration;
  • The additional three (3) credits of internship may be completed within the student's area of concentration, or it can be completed within a different concentration
  • All nine (9) credits may NOT be completed within the same setting, or with the same mentor.
  • Students must complete internships in at least two different settings.

Up to 6 credits of internship experience may be waived for students with significant past public health experience. For more information on internships and internship waivers, please see the Internship FAQ’s

Obtaining an Internship

The School of Public Health Internship Program internship cycle occurs each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer) for placement in the following semester. Students need to go through all of the necessary steps as part of the internship process which takes place before the internship starts. All relevant information regarding the internship process for the SPH Internship Program and its timeline is communicated through the SPH Internships & Career Services weekly listserv.

If you are a current student and would like more information on possible internships, contact the SPH Internships & Career Services office to arrange a meeting with the Director of Internships and Career Services.