Institutions and organizations award fellowships for a variety of reasons. Fellowships typically are created to facilitate the advancement of knowledge in a particular subject area or specialization. They can be focused on research, training, or teaching. Fellowships primarily consist of a broad curriculum of skills development such as leadership, community organization, public speaking, grant writing, and media relations. Fellowship programs can be designed to support a range of activities to meet the fellow’s needs and interests. Such activities may include research, development of a new community-based organization or initiative, training and reflection directed toward career and growth, an apprenticeship with a senior level professional, preparation for and participation in academic seminars and/or professional conferences, among many others. Most often fellows, usually recent graduates, are expected to take on a great deal of responsibility rather quickly. Often based on merit, fellowships can be a nice addition to a resume or curriculum vitae. Fellowships provide the opportunity for recent graduates to apply much of what is learned in the classroom to the field of public health, provide credible work experience, and allow for networking. A number of Fellowship opportunities are posted on ERes and categorized by monthly DEADLINES!

Compensation varies from fellowship to fellowship. Most fellowships will provide some sort of stipend and potentially other benefits including healthcare coverage and other employment benefits, student loan repayment programs, housing stipends, paid travel or relocation expenses, and possible alumni networks for developing and maintaining contacts in the field.

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Profiles of Recent Fellows:

Nancy J. Blake, MPH
Nancy J. Blake, MPH
2008-2010 Post Graduate Fellow, NYS DOH Office of Public Health Practice
The Public Health Leaders of Tomorrow Post-Graduate Fellowship Program has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills learned from the UAlbany School of Public Health MPH program.  As a recent undergrad, the fellowship has provided me invaluable practical experience and guidance from a knowledgeable mentor.  I believe the program demonstrates the value recent graduates can add to State and local public health agencies.

Through my fellowship at the New York State Department of Health Office of Public Health Practice, I have participated in a variety of projects.  I assisted in the development of a grant proposal to fund an internship program for undergraduate students interested in public health science and continue to manage the day-to-day aspects of the project.  I have coordinated distance learning programs for local health department staff and contributed to other statewide workforce development initiatives.  My work has helped me reach my goals of further cultivating my interpersonal, project management and writing skills, and to make a significant contribution to multiple public health agencies.

The PHLOT Fellowship has provided me the essential tools to launch a rewarding career in public health.