Doctor of Philosophy Degree

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program offers intensive laboratory and field training in biomedical sciences. In addition to this wet bench training, students develop research planning, communication, and quantitative skills required for successful leadership roles in academia, government, and industry. These scientific, planning, and communication foci distinguish the PhD degree from the MS degree, which is more general. The program leading to the PhD degree typically requires five years of full-time study, culminating in the completion of a doctoral dissertation

Program Overview

The PhD in Biomedical Sciences program of study involves the following 60 credits:

  • 8-11 department core credits, common to all tracks
  • 8-14 track requirement credits
  • 6-11 elective credits
  • 30 research credits

The program typically follows a five year plan with Qualifying Exams at the end of the first and second years before entering the dissertation research phase.

Degree Requirements

BMS MS & PhD Student Handbook