Student Profiles

Students in the Department of Biomedical Sciences have the opportunity to perform research on a wide range of scientific topics. In addition, the department provides a variety of unique opportunities for students, including rotating in diagnostic labs at the Wadsworth Center, New York State’s Public Health laboratory, specialized training in biodefense research and testing, and field trips to Latin America to perform mosquito surveillance.

Elisabeth Knoll

Matthew A. Florczyk Memorial Award

Elisabeth (Lis) Knoll is this year’s recipient of the Matthew A. Florczyk Memorial Award. Lis, a 4th year Biomedical Science Ph.D. student in Dr. Randy Morse’s lab, is studying the Mediator complex in yeast. Lis has remained dedicated to her research, found time to serve on the BMS/EHS Graduate Student Organization and the local chapter of the American Society for Microbiology, and participated in many local community fundraising events.

William Lainhart

William Lainhart is a doctoral candidate in Dr. Jan Conn's lab (Griffin Labs), a lab that studies the population genetics of Anopheles mosquitoes (vectors of malaria) in Central and South America.

William's doctoral dissertation project is focused on the effects of landscape on neotropical vectors of malaria in Panamá, Perú and Brazil. Over this summer, William traveled to both Perú and Panamá to work with collaborating researchers. In Perú, William worked with Dr. Marta Moreno, a former post-doc in Dr. Conn's lab, and researchers at the Peruvian NGO PRISMA. During his three-week trip, William participated in laboratory work, field collections, study design and data analysis on Dr. Conn's International Centers for Excellence in Malaria Research (ICEMR) grant.

Devon Fitzgerald

Devon has recently been awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship! Devon was chosen as one of the recipients of this fellowship out of 13,000 submitted applications from across the country. This fellowship will provide Devon with stipend and tuition support for 3 years and the opportunity for international research and professional development (3 – 12 months) at a NSF accredited institution. Devon submitted her application, which included a short research proposal, a personal statement and her research history, this past November.