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The Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics at the University of Albany School of Public Health are so proud of our students and gladly showcase them and their accomplishments.The University of Albany School of Public Health is a supportive and resource rich environment that our students certainly take advantage of.

Below, you will find current student profiles demonstrating our students' diversity of backgrounds and dedication to success. Our Students are what truly make the University at Albany School of Public Health the success that it is today.

We want to congratulate all of our students for their hard work and determination, as they bring so much to the table in order to make the School of Public Health such a wonderful place to be.



Alumni Profiles

Tonia Carter, MS, PhD (2007)

I had a strong interest in maternal and child health research, and was seeking graduate level training that would prepare me for a career in this field. Therefore, to obtain a solid foundation in the principles of epidemiological research, I decided to pursue MS and PhD degrees in Epidemiology at the School of Public Health, University at Albany, State University of New York. During the MS program, I was able to take courses in many different aspects of epidemiology, including epidemiology study designs, reproductive epidemiology, cancer epidemiology, injury epidemiology, and quantitative methods in epidemiology. I applied many of the principles taught in these courses to the research that I performed for my MS thesis, entitled “Size-for-gestational-age at birth in relation to infant mortality”. I then received further training in advanced quantitative methods in epidemiology and environmental and occupational epidemiology during the PhD degree program. This training was critical to helping me develop and complete my PhD dissertation, entitled “Antifungal drugs and lower genital tract infections in relation to the risk of birth defects”. Epidemiology Department faculty assisted me with obtaining datasets to conduct research projects, and provided guidance as I prepared the MS thesis and PhD dissertation. I have since continued with a career in maternal and child health research, and now conduct collaborative research projects in the Center for Human Genetics at the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation. As my career has evolved, I remain grateful for the emphasis on methodological aspects of epidemiology provided by the graduate degree programs in Epidemiology at the University at Albany. In addition, I remember the graduate degree programs as positive experiences because of the camaraderie with fellow students and the stimulating research environment at the School of Public Health.

Trang Nguyen, MD, DrPH (2008)

I graduated in May 2008 from the Dr.PH program with a concentration in Epidemiology. I received a medical degree from Vietnam and an MPH degree (double majors: Health Education and Epidemiology) from the East Stroudsburg University, Pennsylvania in August 2000. When coming to Albany in Fall 2000, I discussed my interest with professors and decided to pursue the Doctor of Public Health program with a concentration in Epidemiology. My goal was to apply epidemiologic methods and skills to public health practices. In addition, the Dr.PH program would offer me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and skills to include health policy and management and other areas of Public Health.
Currently, I am Director of the Public Health Information Group, Deputy Director for the Office of Public Health Practice. My group’s most recent achievement was the completion of an interactive web-based dashboard for tracking leading health indicators: Prevention Agenda Performance Tracking Dashboard to monitor the state and local communities’ progress in implementing and meeting goals of the health improvement plans. It was awarded the “Best Data Analytics/ Business Intelligence Project”, one of the 2015 Best of New York Awards for innovative New York Projects, by the Center for Digital Government.