Dear Friends and Family of the University at Albany School of Public Health:

Portrait of David Holtgrave
Dean David Holtgrave, PhD
Welcome to our amazing School! We are a community of teachers and learners, researchers, scholars, and advocates working together to improve the health and well-being of all people. Our school was created more than 30 years ago as a visionary partnership between the New York State Department of Health and the University at Albany. Scientists at the Department of Health hold faculty appointments, collaborate with full-time faculty members on a wide array of basic and applied research projects and mentor students in their labs, including the renowned Wadsworth Center. This arrangement makes us truly unique and very much on the front lines of public health.

We are nationally known for our commitment to experiential learning. Our MPH program requires more internship hours – 720, to be precise – than any other program in the nation. And our MS, PhD, and DrPH students also gain extensive hands-on experience, including research opportunities in the Wadsworth Center. Providing students with lots of ‘real world’ learning experiences greatly accelerates their careers as practice-ready graduates who are highly sought after by employers – many of whom are themselves UAlbany alumni.

Our location in the capital of New York State provides real advantages. As the seat of government for one of America’s largest and most diverse states, the city of Albany and its surrounding communities provide many opportunities for us to work closely with policy makers, public health professionals, non-profit organizations, and clinicians. We currently have the privilege of advising the Governor’s Administration on two major issues: halting tobacco use and drafting regulated marijuana legislation. For students, our location allows access to a wide range of internships, field placements and job opportunities. For faculty members, our location allows connections with research partners, access to culturally and economically diverse populations, and the opportunity to work collaboratively with community-based organizations and public health practitioners in a wide variety of settings.

We are proud of being a highly collaborative, warm and welcoming School. There’s a great deal of interaction across our departments – Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and Health Policy, Management & Behavior. Faculty and students from these core areas routinely team up to solve scientific and policy-related problems and enhance the implementation of our discoveries. Our strong global connections and diverse student body further enhance our academic community.

As a School within one of the State University of New York’s four largest campuses, our students and faculty have access to the people, programs and resources of a major research university.

The synergy that arises from partnering with our colleagues across the entire institution is highly energizing. Furthermore, this past April, President Havidán Rodríguez released the University’s excellent strategic plan, “Authoring our Success.” The five pillars that make up the plan are student success, research excellence, diversity and inclusion, internationalization, and engagement and service. I am pleased to say that the School has just completed an alignment plan to show how we in the UAlbany SPH will also advance “Authoring Our Success.” I am thrilled about the exciting initiatives included in our alignment plan, and I believe that they will make our already outstanding School an even more vibrant and impactful organization in the months and years ahead.

In my relatively short time here, I’ve come to deeply appreciate the distinctive qualities of the School of Public Health. Thanks to the talent and dedication of our students, staff and faculty, the support of our community partners and alumni, and the good work of all those who have built the School over the years, we are poised to make an even greater impact as we pursue excellence and work to save lives and promote social justice. Thank you for taking time to read our new magazine, and we hope to partner with you in the future!

All the very best,

David Holtgrave Signiture