Public Health Preparedness Toolkits 

Welcome to the Public Health Preparedness Toolkits page. This page contains capacity enhancing toolkits that you can download for individual or group use. 


Psychological First Aid for Training Coordinators

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is an evidence-informed approach that provides staff and volunteers with practical ways to help people with their basic needs and immediate concerns during a disaster.  The University at Albany Center for Public Health Preparedness (UACPHP) collaborated with the Institute for Disaster Mental Health at SUNY New Paltz (IDMH), the NYS DOH, the NYS OMH and other partners to develop a Psychological First Aid Training Coordinator Guide and Training.  The training and guide is intended to help coordinators tailor learning and skills based PFA activities to local needs and resources. This training will provide participants with the resources and knowledge needed to implement PFA training within an organization or facility.

Psychological First Aid for Training Coordinators Guide

Psychological First Aid for Training Coordinators PPT


Shelter from the Storm

Disasters can leave your practice out of business and unable to serve patients. This streamlined toolkit was designed for health care practice personnel who need clear steps to initiate an emergency process. Contains training materials and worksheets that guide you step by step from assessing your risks, selecting key emergency response roles, developing some basic tools for disaster response and recovery, and practicing your plans. 

Presentation Version of Toolkit (large .pdf file)

Handout Version of Toolkit (.pdf file)


Disaster Mental Health Assistance in Public Health Emergencies 

Research on Disaster Mental Health has found that psychological casualties can far outweigh physical injuries in a disaster. Public Health personnel need to understand the expected mental health impact of a disaster on victims, residents, staff and their families to effectively implement response and recovery activities. The purpose of this training is to strengthen local health departments’ capacity to respond to the mental health needs of individuals and staff impacted by disasters and public health emergencies. The webcast will provide an overview of disaster mental health and an evidence-based toolkit of resources to help local public health professionals manage the behavioral needs of victims, staff and area residents responding to and recovering from a disaster.

Printable Toolkit (.pdf file)

Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for Karen speaking communities

The University at Albany Center for Public Health Preparedness (CPHP) has compiled a list of Karen S'gaw resources to help train Limited English Proficient (LEP) Karen refugees on Emergency Preparedness and other Public Health topics.  A few of the resources we developed internally, but the majority are available through other sources.  We hope you will  help disseminate this information to Karen communities and share with partner organizations serving Karen Refugee populations.

CPHP products:

1. The Albany County Emergency Preparedness training – in English and Karen

2. Karen Video:  How to be Ready for an Emergency in Sgaw Karen

3. Albany County Special Needs Registry Confidentiality/Legal Statement special needs registry statement_Karen.pdf

4. "I Speak Karen" (Bilingual) Cards

  • Printable Cards.pdf


 Additional "Resources