Alumni Testimonials

Below you will find testimonials submitted by former Environmental Health Science Ph.D. students who were willing to share information regarding their post-graduate careers:


Xiaoliang Zhuo, Ph.D.
Class of 2001
Senior Research Investigator, Discovery Biotransformation, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Job Function: 

Identify metabolism-related liabilities of drug candidates and guide structural refinement during lead selection and optimization to avoid metabolism-mediated attrition of drug candidates in clinical development.

Hong Wu, Ph.D.
Employer: Pfizer Inc Research & Development
Current title: Senior scientist 
Year of graduation: 2009

I considered my 5 years I spent in the PhD program of EHS department the best 5 years of my life. As an international student and knowing nothing about my future, I was instantly welcomed by department faculty and staff, and fully supported to be a full time student as well as a good scientist. During those years, I grew up mentally, emotionally, and professionally. Those experiences not only opened a door to my current research career, but also helped me develop a fundamental scientific sense to many future research possibilities. I am currently happily working in Pfizer and I love my job.

Ting Su, Ph.D.
Year of Graduation: 2000
Current Job Title: Senior Research Investigator
Employer: Bristol-Myers Squibb

“The education and training I received at SUNY Albany and the Wadsworth Center laid a solid foundation for my future success both in academia and the pharmaceutical industry”