MPH Student Testimonials

Below you will find testimonials submitted by current Environmental Health Science MPH students who were willing to share their educational experiences here at Albany:

Diane H. Peapus- MPH Student
Advisor:  Dr. Michael S. Bloom

I received my Ph.D. in chemistry from RPI and did biomedical research at Kyoto and Cornell Universities. However, I became increasingly convinced that if I wanted my work to influence human health I needed to focus on the impact of environmental factors. So, I began an MPH in EHS part time while teaching chemistry and biology at SUNY Cobleskill. I’ve completed three internships toward my MPH: 

1. At the NYS Office of the Attorney General, I processed and cleaned data for a study involving the association between residential proximity to facilities that use dry cleaning solvents and Parkinson’s disease. 

2. At the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, I did a chemical risk assessment, and reviewed an Environmental Impact Statement to evaluate compliance of industrial air emissions. 

3. At the NYS Department of Health, I modified a method that uses Syndromic Surveillance data such that the Bureau can evaluate the geospatial and temporal coincidence of drinking water supply problems and hospital emergency department GI complaints.


Lindsey Jackson - MPH Student
Advisor: Dr. David O. Carpenter 

I am currently pursuing my MPH, with a concentration in Environmental Health.  I am enrolled in a Master's International student program with the Peace Corps.  Currently I am in Africa, teaching health education and will return in 12 months to complete the second year of my Master's program. I hope to one day use my degree to further my career in global and environmental health.

Nancy Cowan-MPH Student
Advisor: Dr. Erin M. Bell 

I am a second year Environmental Health Science student in the MPH track.  So far my experience as an Environmental Health Science student has been wonderful.  One aspect I like about the SUNY Albany public health graduate program is the opportunity to do internships with the New York State Department of Health. My first internship was in the environmental health biology department at the Wadsworth Center where my mentor and I researched and replicated a new method to test for water contamination. I am currently doing a second internship at the Center for Environmental Health on the possible adverse health effects in new building insulations.

Brian House-MPH Student
Advisor:  Dr. Erin M. Bell

I am a second year MPH student concentrating in Environmental Health.  This past summer I completed an internship at the Wadsworth Center here in Albany, during which I analyzed water samples sent to our lab from around New York State.  The goal of my project was to use molecular methods to determine the source(s) of contamination in an effort to hopefully remediate beach conditions to make health conditions safer and more sanitary for the public.  I am ultimately planning to use my degree to pursue a career in the medical field, integrating the disciplines of preventive medicine and clinical medicine for a more holistic approach to healthcare.