Dennis White, Ph.D.

SUNY Associate Professor   

NYS Department of Health

Research Scientist 6
Associate Director
Office of Health Emergency Preparedness

Suite 6E
Riverview Center
150 Broadway
Menands, NY 12204

Phone:           518-408-5163

Ph.D. - 1984, NYS College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse University, Environmental Forestry and Biology

M.S. - 1976, Rutgers University, Medical Entomology

Research Interests:

Vector-borne disease

Previous Teaching:
Epi 612:  Infectious Disease Epidemiology (1-2 lectures/semester)
Epi 512:  Topics in Epidemiology, Arthropods and Human Disease, 2-3 credit-hour, week-long    class taught during summer session.
Epi 6xx:  Arthropods and Human Disease, 3-credit hour full semester course, in                             development.

Selected Publications and Presentations:
White, D.J., G.G. Chang, J.L. Benach, E.M. Bosler, S. Meldrum, R.G. Means, J.G.  Debbie, G. Birkhead, and D.L. Morse. 1991.  The geographic spread and temporal increase of the Lyme disease epidemic. J. Amer. Med. Assoc. 266:1230-1236.

Meldrum, S.C., G.S. Birkhead, D.J. White, J.L. Benach and D.L. Morse.  1992.  Human babesiosis in New York State:  An epidemiologic description of 136 cases.  Clin. Inf. Dis. 15:1019-1023.

White, D.J., R.G. Means, G.S. Birkhead, et al.  1996.  Human and rodent hantavirus infection in New York State:  Public health significance of an emerging infectious disease.  Arch. Int. Med. 156:722-6.

White, D.J., J. Talarico, H.-G. Chang, G.S. Birkhead, T. Heimberger, D.L. Morse.  1998. Human babesiosis in New York State: Review of 139 hospitalized cases and analysis of prognostic factors.  Annals of Int. Med.  158:2149-54.

Nasci, R.S., D.J. White, H. Stirling, J. Oliver, T.J. Daniels, R.C. Falco, et al., 2001. West Nile virus isolates from mosquitoes in New York and New Jersey, 1999.  Emerging Inf. Dis. 7(4):  626-630.

Nash, D., F. Mostashari, A. Fine, J. Miller, D. O‚ÄôLeary, K. Murray, et al., 2001.Outbreak of West Nile virus infection, New York City area, 1999.  NEJM.  344:  1807-1814.

Nasci, R.S., H.M. Savage, D.J. White, J.R. Miller, B.C. Cropp, M.S. Godsey, et al.  2001. West Nile virus in overwintering Culex mosquitoes, New York City, 2000.  Emerg. Inf. Dis.  7(4):  742-744.

Gotham, I.J., M. Eidson, D.J. White, et al., 2001.  West Nile Virus:  A case study in how NY State Health information infrastructure facilitates preparation and response to disease outbreaks.  J. Pub. Hlth. Manag. and Practice.  7(5):75-86.

Lukacik, G., M. Anand, E.J. Shusas, J.J. Howard, J. Oliver, H. Chen, P.B. Backenson, E.B. Kauffman, K.A. Bernard, L.D. Kramer, and D.J. White.  2006.  West Nile virus surveillance in mosquitoes in New York State.  Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association.  22(2):264-271.

Stefanoff, P., M. Rosinska, S. Samuels, D.J. White, D.L. Morse, and S.E. Randolph.  2012. A national case-control study identifies human socio-economic status and activities as risk factors for tick-borne encephalitis in Poland.  Public Library of Science, ONE, 7(9):e45511.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0045511