Building the 21st Century Local Public Health Department: Sustaining the Core Functions in the Age of Emergency Response 


Michael P. Caldwell, MD, MPH 
Commissioner of Health 
Dutchess County Department of Health

Broadcast addresses issues of terrorism response planning at the local level for the 21st Century.

Learning Objectives
  1. Review essential public health services in relation to emergency response 
  2. Elaborate upon national public health issues related to terrorism 
  3. Describe current characteristics and functions of local public health
Public Health Preparedness Core Competencies

Domain I: 
1.1  Solve problems under emergency conditions
1.3 Facilitate collaboration with partners 
1.5 Demonstrate respect for all persons and cultures
1.6 Act within the scope of one’s legal authority 

Domain III: 
3.2 Contribute expertise to the development of emergency plans

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Capabilities

PHEP Capability 1: Community Preparedness

The archived webcast is available for viewing via Real Player