Walk-in or Drive-thru:  POD Model Comparisons from the Erie County Hepatitis A Experience 


Tracy Chalmers
Regional Coordinator
Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness
Erie County Health Department
The Erie County Hepatitis A experience provided a unique opportunity for local emergency coordinators to practice and improve capabilities in Point of Dispensing (POD) operations. With less than 24 hours’ notice, the initial walk-thru POD tested the plans and preparations for a sudden biological outbreak with over 10,000 people receiving prophylaxis in three days. Lessons learned from the initial POD directed improvement plans and augmented capabilities and training for the follow-up POD, an immense drive-thru POD. Comparisons of these POD model experiences and the important lessons in engaging the public and the essential staff and volunteers involved in operations will provide understanding for other preparedness planners and responders for future emergency events.

Learning Objectives

  1. Increase awareness of similarities and differences of POD models.
  2. Develop the information base for planning of drive-thru PODs.
  3. Improve understanding of the incorporation and training of staff and volunteers in POD events. 
Public Health Preparedness Core Competencies

Domain I:
1.3 Facilitate collaboration with partners 

Domain II: 
2.2 Use principles of crisis and risk communication 

Domain 3: 
 3.2 Contribute expertise to the development of emergency plans 
 3.3 Participate in improving organization’s capacities 

Domain 4: 
4.2 Employ protective behaviors 

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Capabilities 

PHEP Capability 8: Medical Countermeasure Dispensing 

PHEP Capability 14: Responder Health and Safety

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