Social Media & Public Health:  How Government Agencies Learn to Interact with the Public


Kerry Shearer
Communication & Media Officer
Sacramento County Public Health Division

This program will highlight the importance of providing information during a disaster and communicating public health messages during emergency operations.  With the rapid growth of new media technology, the speaker will demonstrate use of social media tools and describe how he utilized social media tools and describe how he utilized social media while working with the Sacramento County Department, Division of Public Health.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn why social media use is becoming more prevalent in the use of conveying important public health messages.
  2. Describe how social media can be utilized during emergencies.
  3. Identify various social media tools, including websites, software, and electronic tools.
  4. Explain why "new media" techniques should be part of a communications toolkit.
  5. Learn how to develop and use social media for distributing emergency messages and information.
  6. Learn how to build a compact in-house web studio.

Public Health Preparedness and Response Core Competencies

Domain 1: 1.3: Facilitate collaboration with internal and external partners

Domain 2: Communicate and Manage Information

Public Health Emergency Preparedness Capabilities

Capability 4: Emergency Public Info and Warning
Capability 6: Info Sharing

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