Teaching Health Promotion in Vietnam

Associate Dean Diane Dewar received a second U.S. Faculty Scholar Grant from Vietnam Education Foundation

Diane Dewar, associate dean for Academic Affairs, has received a grant from the Vietnam Educational Foundation (VEF) to teach a graduate course, Health Promotion over the Life Span, simultaneously in Albany and in Vietnam through distance learning using webinars, Skype and online components during the upcoming fall semester.  Dr. Dewar will also travel to Vietnam to work with the Hanoi Medical University faculty in the beginning and end of the semester to develop this course in that institution’s curriculum.  The initiative is part of the VEF U.S. Faculty Scholar Grant Program and is the second course Dewar will teach as part of this program; she taught Introduction to Public Health: A Global Experience simultaneously in Albany and Vietnam in Fall 2011.

The proposed course will make a contribution in the Vietnamese Universities’ curricula in that it will add to the teaching public health concepts in different countries (e.g., the United States and Vietnam) and different contexts.  Jointly offered to students at the University at Albany School of Public Health and students in the Hanoi Medical University in real time sessions, Dewar said “the experience for both the Vietnamese and American students provides benefit in fostering greater understanding of methods and principles of analysis of health promotion issues, different cultural and health delivery systems, as well as of students from across the globe.”  The course will be delivered in English, as per the grant specifications, and the inclusion of the American students will assist the development of the conversational skills of the Vietnamese students.