About the Findings

1. How do you interpret results?

 We ask the same questions to all women.  We don't look at individual answers; we only consider groups. We calculate averages and other statistics for our analyses.


2. What will the results show?

The Upstate KIDS Program looks at a large group of women and children. The results may show many things for the population as a whole, rather than for each individual child. This means findings will apply to "the average child" rather than any specific individual. There are many possible results. We may uncover: Risk factors, things that contribute to growth and developmental delays. Protective factors, things that lower the chances of growth and developmental delays.  Neutral factors, things that neither raise nor lower risk of growth and developmental delays.


3. Can you give an example of a risk factor?

Most people know that smoking cigarettes is a risk factor for developing lung cancer. Those with lung cancer are more likely to be smokers. Many people smoke and don’t get lung cancer. Some people with lung cancer never smoked. Still, not smoking helps prevent lung cancer. The same will be true for findings from this growth and development survey. After initial completion of the first survey, you will receive $20 for your time and effort. For successful completion of each subsequent survey, another small gift will be added. If we identify developmental delays in your child we will help refer your child for early intervention care and services. Although the program results may not benefit you or your family directly if no developmental delays are identified in your child, many women feel good about helping to find causes of growth and/or developmental delays.