Participant Materials

For the Participants of the Upstate KIDS Program:

In the past we have sent you screening questionnaires and supporting documents in the mail, during specific times of your child’s life. Below, please find links where you can print additional copies of these forms, as well as activity pages that you can use with your child.

Materials may be returned through the mail, e-mail, or by fax. Postage-paid envelopes are available so that you can return your completed materials by mail, at no cost to your family. Please remember that your personal information will be kept confidential, as required by law. To request additional postage-paid envelopes, please contact the Upstate KIDS Program:

Telephone (Toll-free):
Fax: 1-518-402-4823

We appreciate the time and effort you have dedicated to this exciting state-wide screening program!


Below, you will find the links for our program materials:

4 Month                                                                                              8 Month

12 Month                                                                                            18 Month

24 Month                                                                                            30 Month

36 Month