Mary O'Reilly, Ph.D.

Academic Appointment Title:
Adjunct Associate Professor
Environmental Health Sciences

Contact Information:
Phone Number:  (607)-721-8138
Fax Number:       (607)-721-8129
Email Address:

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1979
Upstate Medical Center

Research Interests:
My postdoctoral studies evaluated the co-carcinogenicity of the mouse mammary tumor virus and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on the development of mammary tumors. As an environmental toxicologist at Syracuse Research Corporation I performed quantitative health risk assessment for the U.S.EPA on a variety of substances including solvents, pesticides and metals. As an industrial hygienist, ergonomist and environmental scientist I apply my knowledge and skills to real life situations to improve occupational and environmental health.

Current Research Interests Include:
Sustainability implementation that includes life cycle analysis of energy and water usage, as well as quantification of resulting pollution, that is associated with industrial processes and workplace equipment.

The use of plants to remediate contaminated sites (phytoremediation). For example, poplar trees have been used to remove trichloroethylene (TCE) from ground water.
A watershed approach to water quality issues associated with non-point source effluents such as storm water, cured in place pipe installations and hydrofracking.
The effects of modifying the work area so that individuals can work in neutral postures without pain or discomfort. Application of human factors principles provides a scientific basis for the design and re-design of the workplace, including computer work stations, manufacturing, health care settings and various other occupational environments. Application of risk assessment/risk management principles to reduce workplace accidents. An important aspect of managing occupational risk is the safety culture in the workplace and how employees perceive risk.

Select Publications:
Boelter, F., M.Jayjock, F. Hearl, C.Laszcz-Davis, P.Logan, C.McLaughlin, M.O’Reilly, T.Radcliff and M.Stenzel.   2010. “Human Health Risk Assessment,” in Patty’s Industrial Hygiene,  6th edition. 

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O’Reilly, M.V., J. Graney and R. Trudell.  2009. Lowering TCE in groundwater at a DOT site: results from air sparging and phytoremediation.  25th Annual International Conference on soils, Sediments and Water.  October 19 – 22.

Sonntag, D., H.O.Gao and M.V.O’Reilly.  2009. Effect of Diesel Oxidation Caralysts on Heavy Duty Truck PM Number Emissions.  CRC On-Road Emissions Workshop, San Diego, CA.  March 23, 2009.

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