News and Events 2011

Spring 2012 Course Announced

Dr. John Silvernail will be teaching Public Health Emergency Preparedness in the Spring Semester. Sign up today to be prepared for all types of disasters, inlcuding zombies!


Learn about Listeria

On September 14, 2011, Jensen Farms voluntarily recalled cantaloupes their farm had grown that had tested positive for listeria after a multi-state listeriosis outbreak. This outbreak is being investigated by the CDC and FDA.  A total of 72 cases of listeriosis from 18 states have been reported as of September 26. The CDC reports that they expect to see cases of infection continue through October because the food borne bacterium may not cause symptoms until up to two months after eating the infected cantaloupe. NY.NJ PERLC will be compiling a list of websites where you can access information about listeria. It is important to know how the symptoms present for a quick diagnosis. Listeriosis is especially dangerous for those with compromised immune systems, the young and the elderly. Please use the following links to learn about listeria:

Dr. George T. DiFerdinando, Jr. contributes to Remembering 9/11 and Anthrax: Public Health’s Vital Role in National Defense

Trust for America's Health, a non-proft that works to prevent disease at the community level, recently released a report with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that recounts the event through the eyes of the public health professional. Dr. George T. DiFerdinando, Jr., Director, NJ Center for Public Health Preparedness at UMDNJ-SPH, contributed Better Safe than Absolute Certainty: The New Jersey Public Health Response to Terrorism. Congratulations Dr. DiFerdinando! The report is available at no cost.

Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane Irene has wreaked havoc throughout the East Coast. Please be careful with clean-up. Protect your home from mold build-up. Follow the CDC guidelines on Disaster Clean-Up. Are you ready for the next one? There are many ways to help protect your loved ones, including your pets. Please take one of the free courses listed below.

Two 5+ magnitude earthquakes have hit the United States recently. Please protect yourself, your family, and your community during these events. Be prepared! Get earthquake specific information from FEMA Take the CPHP course on Your Family Disaster Plan, Personal Preparedness or Organizational Preparedness.

Food Safety: Opportunities and Challenges

Several recent events involving contaminated food products have made headlines, and raised concerns about the safety of our food supply in the new, global marketplace.  In recognition of National Preparedness, and National Food Safety Education Month, the New York.New Jersey Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (NY-NJ PERLC) is pleased to announce a food safety broadcast on Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 11am EST.  Join us as Dr. Robert B. Gravani, Professor of Food Science at Cornell University and Stephen D. Stich, Director of Food and Safety Inspections at New York State Agriculture and Markets, discuss recent initiatives to ensure food safety at the local, state and national levels.  The speakers will focus on 2 aspects of the new Food Modernization Safety Act: Improving the Safety of Imported Food and Improving the Capacity to Prevent Food Safety problems with a focus on produce and mitigation strategies. The broadcast is FREE. 

Vaccine Preventable Diseases: Ensuring Immunity in Your Community 

In-Person Training, Monday, July 18, 2011May 25, 2011 - Please join us for this important in-person event that will focus on issues related to immunizations in New Jersey and New York. A variety of speakers will address such issues as: Promoting optimal vaccine coverage in all communities Clarifying challenges and solutions to vaccine exemptions in communities Defining legal aspects of vaccine requirements and recommendations Incorporating practioner public health preparedness core competencies to impact coverage of vaccine preventable disease in communities Highlighting use of the New Jersey Immunization Information System and its rule rollout This conference will be held simultaneously in three locations, including: University at Albany School of Public Health Montclair County College, New Jersey Burlington County College, New Jersey  

Social Media and Public Health: How Government Agencies Learn to Interact with the Public

Webstream Broadcast Wed., June 15, 2011May 25, 2011 - During a disaster, providing information on what is happening and communicating messages to the public is one of the most important aspects of emergency operations. There have always been many methods to accomplish these activities, such as through the traditional media venues of television, radio and newspaper. With the growth of social media, new methods to communicate with different segments of the public are now available. Guest speaker Kerry Shearer will describe how he utilized social media while working for Sacramento County Division of Public Health, including during the H1N1 pandemic, wild fires, and MRSA outbreak. Mr. Shearer will also demonstrate the use of social medial tools. Please join us for this free broadcast to learn more about how government agencies and public health organizations can utilize social media during public health events and for educational outreach to constituents. After watching this broadcast, the viewer will be able to: ·     Learn why social media use is becoming more prevalent in the use of conveying important public health messages ·    Describe how social media can be utilized during emergencies ·     Identify various social media tools including websites, software, and electronic tools ·     Explain why “new media” techniques should be part of a communications toolkit ·     Learn how to develop and use social media for distributing emergency messages and information ·   Learn how to build a compact in-house web studio Date and Time: Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM 

UAlbany PERLC Participates In NYS Medical Countermeasure "End Game" Exercise 

UAlbany PERLC has been asked to participate in the New York state-wide exercise, called "End Game." End Game is a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional activity involving the actual deployment of resources in a coordinated response as if a real incident had occured. This exercise will be used to test the deployment of human resources from state and local health departments, and from local volunteer agencies, as well as the deployment of assets from the Strategic National Stockpile.  UAlbany will provide evaluation assistance to Rensselaer County Department of Health for their Point-of-Dispensing (POD)operations during the exercise. Evaluation will help assess the efficiency of the POD, as well as identify any strenghs and weaknesses of POD operations in order to identify areas of improvement. End Game exercises will be taking place throughout the state and Capital Region during the week of May 23.