Master's Project

Master's Project for the M.S. in Biostatistics

The outline of the Master’s paper has five sections:

1. Background and Introduction
      • Provide sufficient introduction to the project. Describe the general setting and data sources. Provide a literature review and summarize why the project is important.
2. Objectives
      • Describe the specific goals and objectives that the project attempts to achieve.

3. Methods
      • Describe in detail all statistical methodology used to analyze the data.

4. Analysis and Results
      • Provide the results in a clear and concise way.  If tables and/or figures are presented, make sure that each one is properly labeled and that each one is described and interpreted in the text of the document. Model checking/diagnostics should be used whenever possible.

5. Summary and Discussion
      • Provide a clear summary of the project and the ‘take home message’. Discuss any potential limitations of the analysis, any possible ways to improve the analysis, and any areas of future research.

   6. References
      • All scientific references used for the project should be listed in this section and appropriately cited in the paper.
      • Follow an appropriate format used in a biostatistics journal as agreed upon with the advisor.