Doctoral Program

Students interested in advanced study in special education can apply to the PhD program in Educational Psychology. Professional training in educational psychology relates human behavior, cognition, and development to the educational process as it occurs in the home, in peer groups, in schools, and in the workplace.

This is a research based program of study where students are trained to conceptualize research problems, design research strategies, and conduct studies within the broad framework of educational psychology. This training is accomplished through a course of study that provides a foundation in psychological theories of learning, human development, statistics, measurement and evaluation, individual differences and special education, and research methods.

Within this 66 credit program (plus dissertation), a sequence of courses can be selected in special education. This coursework, along with the appropriate research apprenticeships and dissertation would lead to a concentration in special education. Students completing this program are prepared to assume positions as college and university teachers, research scholars, and practitioners for a wide variety of professional careers in state and national agencies that deal with policy development and practices. In addition, depending on prior teaching or administrative certifications, graduates may be qualified to work in public and private schools. This program is approved by the New York State Department of Education.


For further information on this program contact:
Division of Educational Psychology & Methodology
ED 233
The University at Albany
1400 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12222
518 442-5055

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