Tammy Ellis-Robinson

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. University at Albany

Email: [email protected]

Dr. Tammy Ellis Robinson is assistant professor within the Divisions of Special Education and Educational Psychology and Methodology. Prior to joining the faculty, she was a special education teacher for students with a range of disabilities in an urban high school and worked in theater education with adults and children with and without disabilities through the Arts Center of the Capital Region. Her research interests include writing, classroom engagement, creativity and social justice in the classroom. She is the founder and Executive Director of Skribblers Magazine Inc., a local nonprofit promoting literacy and self-expression. In her spare time Dr. Ellis-Robinson enjoys dancing, poetry, and spending time with family.

In addition to supervising teachers in field placements (ESPE 580, ESPE 680) Dr. Robinson has taught the following courses:

• EPSY 540 -Assessment
• ESPE 460- Introduction to Human Exceptionality
• ESPE 560- Introduction to Human Exceptionality
• ESPE 650- Instructional Environments and Practices for Students with Disabilities
• ESPE 652- Mathematics, Science and Technology Instruction for Students with Disabilities
• ESPE 653- Managing School and Classroom-wide Student Behavior to Promote Efficient and Effective Instruction
• ESPE 656- Teaching Written Expression to Students with Disabilities