Special Education Admissions

Financial Assistance

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) may provide a reduction of tuition costs for financially eligible students. Students in some of the Master's degree programs may receive a stipend during their internship. Doctoral students may be eligible for graduate assistantships with stipends and tuition scholarship.


The Master's degree programs are competitive and selection of participants will be made after multiple reviews of credentials which may include an on-campus interview in either March or April. Elements contributing to selection include: undergraduate/graduate grade point average, interviews, the applicant's written questionnaire response, and letters of recommendation.

Students applying to the Special Education and Literacy II program must have a major or minor/concentration in the liberal arts or sciences - (more information) AND must have an appropriate distribution of undergraduate liberal arts courses - (more information).

Doctoral admissions are reviewed by the doctoral admissions committee in the Division of Educational Psychology.

Application Procedure

Those applying for programs open to certified teachers should include a copy of their teaching certification when applying, or a letter from an institution of higher education indicating that the applicant has met the requirements for certification. Proof of passing scores on the NYS teacher examinations should be included (if you have not received scores, submit as soon as possible) with the applications of those individuals who have applied for, but not yet received teaching certification. The due date for applications may be found on the graduate admissions website.

Special information on applying varies according to program. Please check the requirements for each specific program that are listed after each program description.

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