Pre-Award and Compliance System (PACS)


Complete proposals are due to the SPA office five business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline (as defined in the opportunity announcement).  Submission and acceptance are not guaranteed for proposals received less than five days before the Sponsor’s deadline. 

Please note that no proposals will be submitted after regular business hours, or on holidays despite a sponsor deadline. Holidays are not to be considered business days

This is a sample list – a detailed timeline will be provided by your Research Administrator (RA)

At least 20 business days before submission date  

  • Submit Proposal Request to SPA via this website
  • Your assigned RA will reach out to you to review proposal requirements
  • Ensure PACS Conflict of Interest Disclosure is current
  • Provide contact information to SPA for collaborators (internal and external) 
  • Obtain Department Chair/Institutional approvals for special circumstances ( i.e. Space and renovations, Course Buy-Out, Cost Share, International component) 
  • Confirm data requirements and review institutional data resources and requirements regarding finding, storing and managing your data.
  • Draft Budget (IDC Rates, Fringe Benefit & Tuition)

10 business days before submission date 

  • Final Budget and Budget Justification including outside collaborators
  • Supplemental documents required by sponsor (i.e. Letters of Collaboration, Biosketches/CVs, Current and Pending Support, Facilities & Resources
  • Project Description in sufficient detail for institutional review 
  • Final Data Management Plan (DMPTool Quick Start Guide)

FINAL documents are due 5 business days before submission date  

  • Final Project Description (i.e. Narrative, Research Strategy) 
  • Executive Summary 
  • References Cited 
  • Letters of Support 
  • Proposal routed in PACS 

It is the responsibility of the PI to ensure that institutional approvals required that were not in place at time of proposal submission are addressed prior to an award being made by the sponsor. Approvals not in place at time of award will delay award acceptance and award set-up. Approvals may include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Approval for use of animals or human subjects (IRB or IACUC)
  • ITS review and approval of data security plans 
  • Special terms and conditions specified in RFA requiring further review and approval 
  • Environmental Health and Safety approval