University Policy on Researchers' Rights in Choice of Research Topic and Sponsor

A commitment to academic freedom is essential to the accomplishment of the overall mission of the University. By pursuing truth and its free expression, scholars and researchers advance and disseminate knowledge. In exercising their right to seek and communicate knowledge freely and openly, members of the academic community also have the responsibility to act in accord with the highest standards of integrity and in conformity with applicable professional and legal codes and legislation, as well as with University codes and policies. Through its academic governance bodies and advisory committees, the University community ensures that research and scholarly projects meet applicable standards and incorporate appropriate safeguards.

In accord with the principles of academic freedom, policy of the State University of New York specifically asserts that research conducted by its personnel or conducted on State University controlled premises "shall be unrestricted as to the dissemination publicly of the conduct, progress and results of such research or research-related programs" (SUNY Policy 66-258).

Just as restricting the dissemination of research is antithetical to academic freedom, so, too, is restricting a researcher's choice of topic or choice of sponsorship for a research project.

In keeping with the spirit of academic freedom in the pursuit of research and of research support, as well as in the dissemination of findings, the University Council on Research hereby presents the following resolution:

Members of the University community have the right to pursue topics and seek research support from sponsors of their choice, provided that the research complies with University codes and policies and provided that freedom to publish any of the results of the research prevails.

*Adopted by the Senate of the University at Albany on April 17, 1989