University at Albany Policy on Use of Research Equipment by or on Behalf of Outside Parties

From time to time companies have expressed an interest in using University at Albany (UA) facilities and equipment to conduct research and development in pursuit of company objectives. The University encourages the use of its research equipment by or on behalf of outside parties to achieve mutually beneficial objectives in joint University-Industry efforts whenever this is possible and considered desirable by both the University and the outside party. The following guiding principles govern the access and use of UA research equipment:

  1. The primary academic missions and research activities of the University must take first priority for use of UA research equipment and facilities.
  2. University policy encourages the use of instrumentation or facilities by or on behalf of outside parties when such use does not constitute provision of services that are readily available to the outside party through commercial enterprises.
  3. Use of University equipment by outside parties will normally take place on University premises. Off-campus use of University equipment in exceptional circumstances can be authorized by the Vice President for Research ifother University use of the equipment is not prejudiced or made impossible by the removal of the equipment from University premises.
  4. Full costs, both direct and indirect for the use of University equipment by or on behalf of outside parties will be charged to the user. Any special costs relating to security, insurance and indemnification protection for the University and the outside user must also be borne by the user.
  5. All use of UA equipment will be described and conducted according to the terms and conditions of the University’s “Cooperative Equipment Use Agreement.”
  6. All arrangements must be consistent with the State University of New York Trustees’ policy “University-Industry Cooperative Use of Research Equipment” adopted by the SUNY Board of Trustees, June 26, 1985.

Adopted: DRAFT
Provider: Office for Sponsored Programs, University at Albany
Contact: Associate Vice President for Research
Last Updated: September 12, 2007